Children's Entertainment for birthday parties also Schools, Libraries, Child care centres, Social & sporting clubs/associations, Church groups, Shopping centres

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Magic Marty has three show structures based on size of facility to perform, size of audience and of course the cost to you.

All of  Magic Marty's shows include Magic, Comedy, Audience interaction and participation.

Bronze Show is a basic 30 minute performance with magic, comedy, audience interaction and participation, available within 30 kilometres of Donnybrook, Monday to Friday, Saturday & Sunday from 11:00am - 1:00pm.

Silver and Gold shows include a Magic to Music segment. A backdrop is also included to give the show that theatrical look.
Depending on size of audience and facility a PA system may also be used.

Gold show includes a puppet routine with Toby the sheepdog and an appearance of Mr Spirit McFluffy, Magic Marty's rabbit.

Please note:
Fees for the 3 show types have been set and are not negotiable so please do not ask for a discount. There is a 10% discount is available for
Silver and Gold birthday party shows  during the week Monday to Friday which also includes school holidays unless it falls on a Public Holiday where weekend rates apply.  .

The fees are based on Martyn's 40 years of experience performing and are competitive with other performers in the same category.

Magic Marty does not perform in open outdoor area's which includes carports, patios, gazebo's etc...